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Greenland 2014

In August 2014 Harald and Ralph will sail from Isafjördur, Iceland to Liverpool Land in Greenland (71°N). While Liverpool Land is meanwhile a frequented backcountry skiing area in spring, its rocky peaks remain to a large extent unclimbed because they are difficult to get to and in winter it is too cold to climb. Harald and Ralph have set their eyes on the conspicuous "Kirken" (1209m) and "Dobbeltoppen" (1040m). Both mountains have double peaks and are unclimbed to their knowledge. Liverpool Land is a mountainous region full of fjords and despite the relative nearby settlement of Ittoqqortormiit difficult to reach. Harald and Ralph will operate from a sailboat as their base camp and have more flexibility with respect to moving from one fjord to another. However, it is unclear how accessible the fjords will be at all. In some years the ice can block access alltogether.